But first, what are the latest trends to consider for co-working space designs? Sound architecture, perfect lighting and fresh air to breathe are the minimum essentials of a productive work space. While the statement is true, solely depending on it is a passe. Because aesthetic and pleasant spaces encourage people to make it their professional abode. And this guide will help you design just that.

So, ready to create an instant attraction? Here you go!

A Grandeur Entrance

  • You can be as innovative as possible with this space.
  • Lay extra focus on fancy lighting in this area.
  • Plush and designer couches or chairs will be the most graceful seating options here.
Co-working Space Design with an X-Factor

  • Furniture is the best bet to add the x-factor to your coworking space designs. Pick designer furniture or one with interesting designs.
  • You can also try creating game structures like slides and jungle gyms, trampoline, etc. Not only will it be a fun activity, but this can also become a special identity of your space.

Outdoor Spaces Rule

  • In case, a spacious outdoor area is available, congrats! You got the ultimate event space. You can put it up for hire.
  • Outdoor furniture must be immune to the effects of weather conditions like rain, snow, winds, etc.
  • Consider adding a bonfire, trampolines, etc, to lighten up some tired souls.
  • Or have arrangements in place to cover them. Just in case!

Go Tech Smart

  • If feasible, keep additional equipment like monitors, keyboards, etc, which members can borrow during their visit. Ticks one of the hospitality checkboxes!

Retain Local / Locational Aspects

  • Explore local markets for artifacts, toys, textile, etc and weave them into your coworking space designs.

Apply Biophilia Hypothesis

  • Choose plants with care. Make sure they are indoor plants and not too delicate. Plus, prefer evergreen plants over seasonal ones.
  • If you have a high ceiling, an indoor miniature tree will look fab.
  • Cactus or its likes – are a big no!

Chill Out Zones

  • Comfort has to be at the core of chill out areas. So the interior designs here must be mindful of bridging the gap between work stress and relaxation for the members.
Professional Meeting Spaces

  • Don’t forget about tech equipment placements in the meeting rooms, like video conferencing devices, monitors for presentations, projectors, etc. Incorporate them in your co-working space designs.
  • Give intriguing names to the meeting space in your co-working office. For instance, you can name them after famous global cities like ‘LA’, ‘Paris’, or ‘Berlin room’. Or after some of the famous tv series characters, like ‘the Lannisters’, ‘Targaryen’, ‘Stark’, ‘Thor’, ‘Loki’, ‘Yoda’, ‘Chewbacca’, etc. Or anything else that resonates with your design theme. You know what I mean – Make it fun and amusing for members to pick a meeting room.
  • For smaller meeting spaces pod-like enclosures look more than pretty.
  • Excellent outside views from the meeting room, just like in the image above from OnePiece Work Foster City look awesome.
  • Use aesthetic wall decor for meeting spaces. If you remember, I mentioned using a world map or similar wall stickers in meeting rooms. These will make your coworking space design stand out.

Light it Up!

  • Account for the maintenance factor as well. Things need repair every now and then. So consider the replace-ability, guarantee, warranty, costs and time involved, etc, while making the lighting purchases.
  • Keep it subtle! And if possible, fit a lighting control system to render your space an energy efficient co-working space design. Energy efficiency saves more in the long run.

Aspire to be Inspired

  • Gauge the preferences and desires of your potential members. Question yourself – What will attract them the most, chic office space or rustic decor? Or perhaps, something entirely different!
  • There are two best ways to explore co-working space design ideas. One is by traveling thyself, another is the internet (especially on Pinterest, Flickr, etc). Go for it!

More Co-working Space Design Tips:

Floors: Awestruck by the pink floor in the image above? Yes, the floors are important too. Make it glossy or matte, plain, or carpeted, ensure that it is easy to clean and maintain.
Niche Spaces: If designing a niche space, add design elements specific to that niche. 
Additional Storage: Make additional storage spaces (like lockers, mobile pedestals, etc), so that members can store their stuff. While you must also have storage options for safekeeping vacant furniture and stuff.
Give Attention to Detailing: Yes, that counts as well. After all, who likes half baked pancakes?
Pick Wisely: Hire good architects and engineers, especially those with a creative bent of mind.
Utilities: Utilities too are a part of a co-working space design. So proper air conditioning, Office equipment, and their placement must be considered in the designing stage.

On average employee spends around 45 hours a week at work. And no one loves working from within the four dull walled offices for that long. So, getting the co-working space designs right is a must for all space providers. And in the course, we hope these tips will help! 
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