If you want to achieve an office culture with happy and engaged employees, begin by reevaluating your physical workplace. The working environment, where about ninety percent of people’s time is spent, matters more than you might realize.

Initiating an effective design is necessary for facilitating employee well being and productivity. Here are some ways to implement an attainable and smart design that caters to your office culture:

Customized Work spaces

Researchers have discovered that utilizing one mainstream office design to serve several different departments is unpractical and detrimental to productivity and well being. Customized areas within the work space that serve the individual needs of each department and how they work is shown to have a much more positive impact. Work spaces should be created around how work is done, rather than the other way around.

Here are a few things to take into consideration when catering space to the individual’s needs. One, how much storage do they need and what are they storing? Filing cabinets are more commonly being used today to store gym bags or purses. Two, how attached are they to their workstation. Do they have a desktop computer or laptop? Wireless technology allows flexibility to work anywhere in the office, permitting the workstation footprint to shrink. Three, does their role require more heads down individual work or team/collaborative work? Different roles require different amounts of privacy; open workplace may be effective for some but it is not for everyone. Productivity is key, make sure you evaluate each departments workstation and collaboration needs to guarantee an effective workplace.

Crafted Third Spaces

Provide employees with multiple spaces to work according to the varying needs of individuals and groups. For example, a collaborative third space is utilized when employees need to work together to discuss and accomplish projects together. On the other hand, a private third space with modular furniture to divide the space can be created for employees who need to step away from their workstation to focus in a quiet and isolated area. Social spaces, like a coffee station or cafe, are commonly used to encourage impromptu interactions and/or promote a feeling of community.

There are many options for achieving the third space that best serves the needs of your office. Meet with your team leaders to discuss the most desired or needed third space that will increase productivity and boost employee morale.

Adjustable Desks

Research has shown that too much sitting can be harmful to our health. Height adjustable desks are a smart alternative to increase employee wellness, which in turn can increase productivity.

But we also know that, too much of anything can be bad, therefore, an adjustable desk allows you change your position throughout the day, and that change of position is the healthy measure we are looking to achieve.

Utilization of Glass

Make your office more open and welcoming with the use of glass walls. Open up your space and allow natural light to flow throughout the space. Glass walls instead of dry walls can signify the transparency of your work culture, allow for easier accessibility, and promote more collaboration. Natural light is an apparent benefit of glass walls but studies have shown it is proven to reduce stress, raise comfort levels, and improve your mood.

We suggest organizing the floor plan so that natural light radiates in. Set up enclosed spaces near the core of the building and open spaces at the perimeter where windows are located. This design strategy allows the most amount of light to radiate in the workplace which can improve employee’s attitudes and therefore company morale.

Plants In The Workplace

Research shows that workplaces with foliage have better performing workers than offices without. Dr. Craig Knight from Exeter University concluded that office plants can improve employee well-being by as much as 47%. This increased well-being in turn boosts individual morale and productivity. In addition to their positive impact, plants create a welcoming environment for employees and clients alike.

Creating a Better Office Culture

When developing a new design layout in your work space the most crucial step is involving your employees. Take time to ask your team about what motivates them and how changing their physical work space can be improved to increase their morale and well-being. Let them have a say and feel a part of the success.

We know that you are passionate about creating a place that people are excited to work in. Providing a space of this nature encourages employees to be more engaged, productive and happy. If you are interested in improving your work space to meet the needs of your team, contact us http://www.dreamspaceindia.com/

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