How small changes to your workplace can make a big difference

The design and layout of a workplace can play a huge role in maximizing both comfort for your employees as well as productivity.

Ensuring that your employees are equipped with optimum conditions will also have considerable impact on generating overall employee satisfaction and well-being. In this blog, we will recommend a number of small changes that you can apply within your work space, which may make a big difference without breaking the bank. 


If you’re looking for simple ways to arouse your employees and stimulate productivity, research shows that adding touches of specific colors within office design will have effect. 

See our blog on the How the Color of Your Office Impacts Productivity for further information, but while you are decorating the office or considering adding pieces of art, keep the following color associations in mind:
Cool colors, such as blue and green: restful, tranquility, relaxation.
Warm colors, such as reds and yellows: energizing, stimulate activity.
Did you know that blue is the most common color within work space design? This is because it is considered an intellectual color that is likely to promote thinking, performance as well as creativity. Applying these color schemes in the initial design of your office is recommended, but if you are not looking to completely refurbish or re-design your office, adding a piece of art or canvas design may have impact. Adding a feature wall or a patterned floor-to-ceiling canvas design as an interesting point will help keep your employees motivated throughout the day. Take care when selecting pieces of artwork, as too busy a design may cause distraction for your employees. 

Let there be light

Headaches, stress, fatigue and eye strain are all undesired symptoms, which may arise due to there being poor lighting within the work space. Artificial lighting, such as fluorescent light bulbs, should be avoided wherever possible as are a prime culprit for causing such problems. This could affect the quality of work as well as productivity. When initially designing the layout of the office, it is advised to make as much use as possible of natural light. Studies show that increasing the amount of natural light in the office will help employees sleep better, therefore be more rested, which will in turn lead to increased productivity. 
If your office is lacking in the amount of natural light available, we recommend moving the office furniture so as to allow more to flow around the office. If you, however, are in the planning stage of designing your office layout, then why not consider fitting floor-to-ceiling windows? At Work space Design and Build, our team will be able to offer you with the most fashionable of office design features. Not only will these make the best use of natural light, but such a design is extremely fashionable and will impress your clients. 
Make sure that all windows get a good clean! Clean windows will allow more natural light into the workplace. Whilst you’re cleaning the windows, why not give the lamps and other lighting features a clean too? 
Position lights effectively so as to not cause any additional glare, which could also cause headaches and eyestrain to your employees. 
Your company should also consider adopting an energy savings program in order to keep down costs while ensuring optimum lighting conditions. 

Keep your cool

Another factor that will have impact on the productivity of your employees is office temperature. The optimum temperature for an office is 16 °C. Too hot and your employees may feel drowsy and too cold will cause discomfort for your team. 
Your employees will be most productive when they’re comfortable, so things as simple as opening/closing a window or increasing the number of fans in the office can make a difference.


As mentioned, your employees will be most productive when they are comfortable and feel safe. Providing your employees with standardized office equipment will not only make your employees feel appreciated, but will improve their work. Employees who are able to sit up straight at their desk will be able to produce work of a higher quality. 

Small changes such as giving employees cushions, for example, to sit on and make them more comfortable could make a huge difference in their work.

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