Creating a pleasant meeting environment and having an office design that makes everyone feel comfortable has a lot to do with the way a meeting goes and how it is perceived. Some offices have decided to give a playful twist to this particular area and the designs they now feature are some of the most inspiring you can find.
The informal quick meeting
We know that a high table with high chairs encourages a short meeting. One can also leave out the chairs and just stand up, which quite clearly indicates that it is only going to be a quick chat. One can certainly drink a cup of coffee or iced water while chatting. Perhaps a bit loosely and informally about a coming project, relaxed, one leans slightly over the table or in a Activity-based Working style which may even be located in an open-plan room where others are working at the same time.
Meeting room or Modern Workplace?
A round table in the meeting room will encourage a discussion. The round table creates the basis for a good and inspiring discussion, perhaps a creative meeting to start a larger project, perhaps an internal presentation of a project before meeting the customer – the round table makes it possible to inform, share knowledge, make plans and have equal standing. At the same time, the round table – depending on the type and design – can be mixed with square units and thereby converted to a large long table with space for more participants.
Soft chairs and serious negotiations
In a very large meeting room with a rectangular meeting table and soft chairs, e.g. conference chairs with arm rests, one can invite participants to a longer discussion and more serious negotiations. In this way, you signal to the participants that they can safely lean back and prepare for a more serious meeting.
Colours are needed too
Some may say cheerful colours, others will say calmer colours. Again, the most important is to consider the function of the room vs. the purpose of the meeting in the context. A big bang with powerful colours can both generate energy and distract. Here one can think of colours and patterns working like sounds – the louder they are, the more wildly the orchestra plays, the greater the risk that the music determines the progress of the discussion. One should therefore choose more neutral colour tones, which also give a better background to display artwork. And artwork can be moved, pictures can be exchanged, sculptures can be removed. In this way, one creates a better flow in the meeting room – a flow that helps support precisely the purpose of the meeting.
The purpose of the meeting determines the functionality of the room
Making a meeting room effective simply means that it should adjust to the participants and the purpose – not the reverse. and to design the individual meeting room in a way that matches the purpose of the individual meeting.

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