Mid-Century Modern: A Timeless Office Design

Mid-Century Modern is Making a Comeback in Office Design

AMC’s Emmy-Award winning drama “Mad Men” may have drawn to a close several years ago, but that doesn’t mean that the show hasn’t retained some staying power. In even the most contemporary and innovative of offices, we are seeing mid-century modern styles taking over the workspace – and we think that’s a great thing for several reasons.

Mid-Century Modern: A Timeless Office Design

“Mad Men” might have brought mid-century styles back into the limelight, but this trend has always been a popular choice for office design decisions due to its uncanny ability to seamlessly combine form and function.

Made popular in the 1950s and ’60s, the mid-century style combines clean lines, minimalist furniture and carefully placed pops of bright color – true to the “mod” movement that so often accompanied the mid-century style at the time.

During the heyday of mid-century design, many people would treat the office – especially executive spaces – as a home away from home. Some companies would incorporate sofas, leather chairs, televisions and even bar carts into the mix for entertaining guests and clients. After all, if you really are trying to be Don Draper, you are going to need a sofa for your afternoon nap followed by a stiff happy hour drink.

Mid-Century Styles in Today’s Office

There are a few reasons why the mid-century design movement has made a major comeback in business settings, and not all of it has to do with the popularity of “Mad Men.” For one, many workers today value simplicity in office design so they can block out distractions and focus on work. Secondly, mid-century modern designs include just the right amount of geometric shapes and colors that the look of the office doesn’t get too drab. And lastly, mid-century furniture designers were some of the first to include many important work-life features we appreciate today, such as sustainability and ergonomics.

For the most part, mid-century designs have remained virtually unchanged throughout the years, though there are some notable upgrades that help to attract a modern workforce. For instance, many mid-century style desks and accessories now include places for you to charge laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

There are several mid-century models you can choose from, but perhaps the most iconic of them all is the Herman Miller suite of products. Don Draper himself notably took several naps in the Eames Lounge Chair many times throughout the show.

No matter what furniture piece you prefer, Mid-Century is all about the details, according to Bloomberg. To keep things fresh and modern, stick to neutral shades like gray or cream, and do splurge on a few well-designed accessories (fountain pens, vintage staplers or pen holders are all great choices) to round out the look. Pretty soon, thanks to help from Office Designs, people might start mistaking you for Don Draper himself.

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