Wall murals are beloved by tech companies, start-ups, and modern businesses of all kinds. And for good reason! A dynamic wall mural can elevate an office space from drab and sterile to lively and inspiring in an instant. Plus, wall murals allow for unending branding and story-telling opportunities.

Here are the Office wall art ideas to energize the work space environment.

THE COMPANY MANTRA – Reinforce mission statement

You know your brand so well you can sum it up in ten words or less. Your company mantra as an office wall mural will not only brighten up the space, but it can also serve as daily reinforcement of your workforce’s shared goals and values

CHALKBOARD WALL – Encourage Brainstorming

White boards dominate modern offices. Go vintage with chalkboards that encourage creativity and collaboration. An office chalkboard mural makes the work space feel immediately friendlier and creative

MODERN COLLAGE – Show collaboration

Can’t decide on a single wall mural design scheme for your office? You don’t have to! Create a beautiful blend that captures your corporate ethos. Pick your favourite wall mural design ideas and combine them into a striking modern collage.

BOLD GEOMETRY – Plan for the future

Sleek and edgy geometrical patterns pack a powerful punch and can bring a modern touch any office space. Use bold geometry to instantly elevate the energy of your work space faster than a cup of coffee

ABSTRACT ART – Suggests creativity

An Abstract mural introduces colorful chaos into the workplace. Breakaway from the limitations of concrete symbols and cliche sayings in favour of unbridled energy and movement

MONOCHROMATIC ETCHING – Dig into the archives

Connect modern ideas with historical precedence . This has mid century modern all over it. Drawing from mono printing techniques like woodcut, this timeless look works especially well for illustrated portraits, landscapes, city scapes, maps, and blueprints.

ROAD TRIP PHOTOGRAPHY – Inspire vacation time

Ah, the open road! Use the nostalgic appeal of the quintessential road trip to evoke a sense of adventure and freedom. Design with vintage vibes or inspire Instagram-worth shots, a road trip mural makes your employees work hard now to play hard later

CARTOON MURALS Kick start childlike wonder

Want to be like Google? Inspire playfulness and imagination in your employees with an office wall mural that illustrates a funny and fantastical world. Balance with minimalist, industrial office design and your millennial’s will love you.

NATURAL SCENERY – Create Meditative pause

Meditation and mindfulness is now a corporate advantage. It’s no secret that executives value max efficiency from their employees. Encourage healthy mind space and calm with relaxing nature scenery. Placed in the conference room or the bathroom, these murals can be trans-formative.

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