Tech Products to Make Your Office Smarter

The success of the Internet of Things has brought many Internet-connected devices into office spaces, offering the potential to improve the workplace experience. New technology is consistently being released to solve specific problems and offer more productive ways of doing things, like cleaning, making coffee and managing spaces.
Electronic Adjustable Desk.
But with so many new technologies rolling out every year, how do you decide which ones are worth investing in? We’ve got you covered—here are some of the most useful tech products in workplaces.

Electronic Adjustable Desk

Adjustable desks are becoming more in demand with the way modern offices are adopting set ups that are healthier for its employees. The height of electronic adjustable desks is easy to personalize with a one touch button that’s able to program 4 different preset heights. It even can come with a mezzanine shelf to keep your desk organized.

Smart locks

Smart locks help managers secure their buildings by introducing new functionality into the simple mechanisms of a lock. Connecting locks to specific credentials and tracking open times can help companies understand how their teams move through a space and pinpoint any abnormal activity. Some locks provide temporary access credentials as well, which could improve the experience of visitors and clients coming to the office. Share virtual keys with your employees—and never copy a key again.

Smart thermostats

Thermal comfort is essential to productivity but settling on the right temperature for your office can be difficult. Smart thermostats, like the ones offered by Nest, can help improve the energy efficiency of a space and automatically adjust for specific times of day or seasons. Managers interested in using data from their thermostats should look for devices that come with API support, meaning developers and managers can use third-party apps to extract data for their own use. Installing a smart thermostat that automatically learns and adjusts to your office routine will save facility managers valuable time and keep employees comfortable and effective.

Bluetooth Deadbolts

Sick of carrying around keys? Or do you want the flexibility of being able to change the locks without supplying new keys to everyone on your staff? Enter the Bluetooth deadbolt. Smart deadbolts have a keypad that enables you to key in a code to gain entry. In addition, a Bluetooth deadbolt also enables you to pair your phone and unlock the deadbolt through your smartphone. The technology makes it easy for you to share access to the office — and to revoke it at any time.

Wi-Fi Security Cameras

Security cameras that run off of WiFi are perfect for a smart office. With a lot of options on the market, Wi-Fi security cameras come with advanced features, such as the ability to see your office in real time on your smartphone, tablet, or computer or get notifications when the camera detects motion. Security cameras can also be installed to an office doorbell so you can view who’s at your door before allowing them inside.

Electronic Whiteboards

Every office space should be investing in electronic whiteboards since they have the capability to store and print everything that is written on them. This will save time with note-taking and printing, thus increasing productivity. During meetings, all notes that are taken can be saved without having to rewrite them from the whiteboard, creating a better note-taking experience.
It’s possible for technology to have a positive impact on the experience of staff in the workplace as long as it is well-considered before investments are made. Being able to connect the workplace to smart technology helps take advantage of new data sources and improves productivity. Managers that can successfully implement tech products in their spaces will benefit from a workforce with fewer pain points, added comfort and more time to focus on productive tasks.

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