The seasons have changed and the year 2019 brings with it a dash of color and an urge to head back to the basics!
Here are top 10 Interior Design trends of 2019 to look out for this year.

Offbeat lighting
You can be in line with the interior trends in 2019 by getting a set of floor lamps or chandeliers; a more elaborate way would be to create hidden lighting via false exteriors.

Artifacts and antiques
It’s the season of ethnics and the 2019 trend forecast is to go back to the roots with artifacts and antiques as a part of home décor.

Cozy Nooks
The idea is to create getaway spaces to read, meditate, relax and getaway from digital distractions right in the comfort of your home. You can include this in your home decor in 2019 by decorating an area with rugs, floor pillows and bean bags.

Bold geometrics
Few of the ways you can bring these interior trends of 2019 is by getting geometric wallpaper or getting geometric patterned upholstery including curtains and rugs.

The west has caught up with terracotta only recently and have also made it one of the biggest trend of home decor 2019. You can now bring it in your home by using terracotta pots or tiles for your balcony garden or outdoor seating. This rustic material will add warmth to your home!

Splash Green
Greenery’ being the color of 2019, interior experts have gone green on their 2018 trend forecast. From leafy green wallpaper to indoor wall planters, you should have green color in your home decor in 2019. Upholstery and furnishings are your best bet to include the color in your homes

Texture it in
One of the easiest ways to latch on to this 2019 trend forecast is to get texture wallpaper; you can choose anything from bamboo to brick to wood as your wallpaper.

Scallops and Scales
We’re calling it the ‘Blue Planet effect’ because this season’s interior looks took a dive deep under the ocean with sea creatures swimming across every surface. From scalloped furniture to fish scale tiles and all things curved, wavy and ocean-inspired, we’ve fallen hook, line and sinker for the under the sea trend.

Crittal Style
They have the ability to completely transform a space; not just by giving it a cool, modern edge, but also by opening up a space and letting in more light. Crittall style doors allow you to cleverly partition open areas to create different zones, without compromising on light or space. Metal framed glazing has never looked so good.

Mermaid Tiles
There’s a new wave of tile shapes taking surfaces by storm. From fan-shaped fish scale tiles to complex quatrefoils,  tiles are taking on more fluid forms with rounded edges and irregular shapes. Options include fan shaped scallop patterns, fish-scales, curvy eye-shaped T-drops, ornamental quatrefoils or the simple but effective hexagon. These more unusual shapes piece together to create striking effects, adding instant interest to modern bathrooms, cloakrooms, kitchens and even hallways.

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