Creating a sense of spaciousness in our working environments is essential to encourage effectiveness, creativity and personal workplace satisfaction. Not every office space has the ideal amount of ‘free space’ or ‘through space’; that is empty space that makes for an open and roomy environment. In these situations, the design is what will make the difference and create a sense of space in the workplace. Consider using these simple tips to make any office space feel more open and spacious.


Light colour tones


Light colour tones and neutrals are space expanders, they reflect light making the room look bigger and brighter


Transparent finishes


Incorporate transparent finishes like glass and Perspex in place of opaque and solid finishes. Consider glass doors, table tops, light shades and dividing walls instead of solid ones. These finishes let light through from other rooms, reflect more light and make a space feel more open.




By placing a large mirror in the room, the room immediately appears to have a greater depth, is brightened by reflected light and feels more spacious. Consider placing a mirror angled beside a window to reflect natural light into the office space, on a table top, cabinet door, as the kicker to a unit or splash-back in a kitchenette.


Raised Furniture


Furniture lifted off the floor immediately increases the amount of visible floor space in a room, making it appear more spacious. Chairs and lounges with legs, coffee tables with raised legs and even transparent or reflective chrome bases on furniture will make a room feel more spacious.


Maximize Natural Light


Think large windows to the outdoors or to adjacent rooms to increase the sense of space.




Design the office space so it can be kept neat and tidy with things arranged neatly and out of sight. This applies to walls also; keep as much space visible on the walls as possible to avoid a cluttered look.


Transform a small office space from one that feels cluttered and claustrophobic, to one that feels open and S P A C I O U S with these simple design ideas!

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