The ever growing awareness of health and well-being at work will shape design trends in 2020. As reported by Human Spaces the top 5 elements most wanted in the workplace are:


Natural light (44%)
Indoor plants (20%)
Quiet working space (19%)
View of the sea (17%)
Bright colours (15%)




Biophilic design is not only aesthetic. Human Spaces report that “Workers in office environments with natural elements, such as greenery and sunlight report a 20% increase in well-being, are 4% more productive and are 30% more creative”.


Open plan workstations in the centre of an office increase the spread of natural light throughout the workplace and make the office feel more SPACIOUS. If the available natural lighting is limited, consider a range of skylights, choose transparent finishes or add a mirror to reflect any available natural light.




Indoor plants have grown from a lone plant on the window sill to an entire flourishing wall, bringing a realm of benefits to the office space beyond visual benefits including reduced stress, cleaner air, reduced noise levels and a boost in productivity.


Research reports that plants in the workplace increase workplace satisfaction and concentration, boosting productivity by 15%.


With planter top units and indoor plant walls, incorporating more greenery into the office is simple and effective.




Despite the big trend towards ABW, open plan offices, hot desking and collaboration; research predicts that while this collaborative approach to work will remain key, office staff will also look for quiet spaces to retreat to.


2020 has been named the ‘Anti-Facebook year’ for interior design. As predicted by design forecaster Laura Greenwood, people will become “overwhelmed by oversharing” and look for places “where we can reconnect with ourselves, where we can be more on our own”.


Find yourself a quiet, cosy booth to work quietly.




In the meantime, wall murals are a brilliant way to expand the office horizons and install any view you choose. Office have to make the most of their small window of ocean view if possible.




Colour plays an important role in productivity, workplace satisfaction and mood. Colour evokes an emotive response and although bright colours are still trending in office design, neutrals are also needed to ensure there is a balance of tone, mood and aesthetic. 14% of workers would like to see neutral colours in their workplace and 15% would like to see more bright colours in their workplace.


Neutral colour tones create a minimalistic aesthetic, expand the available space making it feel bigger, create a fresh light visual mood and evoke a neutral emotive response. Beige, white and soft neutral tones create a natural and calm retreat in an office space, forming a great balance for vivid accents.


Bright colours will also be trending in 2020 as large companies like Google and Facebook offices emerge in a creative blend of bright colours.


The recent ABW combines neutral and bright tones for an inspiring yet balanced study space. Artificial turf gives a sense of bringing the outdoors in for a greener office space.
Ready to make a greater connection with nature in your office? Contact us about Design and Build solutions to make your next project a more biophilic workplace.

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